Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation


Dr. Albert Yeung Sau Shing awarded "Ten Social Charity Stars in China"

Ten Social Charity Stars in China Group Photo Albert Yeung and Committe

The 2nd "Ten Social Charity Stars in China", co-organized by China Association of Social Workers, Red Cross Society of China, China Charity Federation, China Welfare Fund for the Handicapped, Chinese National Committee on Ageing and China Environmental Protection Foundation and Department of National Politics of People's Daily with the assistance of National Working Committee on Charity, is brought to a successful close. The commendatory meeting was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on 16th October 2005. Dr. Albert Yeung Sau Shing, Chairman of the Emperor Group became the only person from Hong Kong who was awarded.

Albert Yeung and Committe

Being the only Hong Kong awardee, Dr. Yeung has put in efforts in making progress on political ground. He has repeatedly reported ideas to leaders in Central Government as well as listened to their comments. He did all he could do whenever our motherland was in need. He pledged for a contribution of $210,000 for the floods in East China in 1991 and $2,300,000 in Chang Jiang in 1998 respectively. During recent 20 years, Dr. Yeung has donated over a hundred million dollars to help our motherland to have charity and educational development. He has also visited and consoled the victims in person many times. In November 2003, he led all the EEG artists to the "Hepatitis Free Generation" charity performance and passed the hat round. He believes that doing good deeds is a traditional virtue of Chinese, as well as a lofty career. Over the past few years, Dr. Yeung has made every endeavor to make contribution to our motherland, showing kindness and giving assistance to thousands of the descendants of the Yellow Emperor in China.